[AUCTION] Marlix Helmet

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  1. Item:Marlix Helmet
    Starting bid: 20k rupees
    minimum Bid increasment: 5k rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last valid bid
  2. BUMP! im going to bump it up to 45k
  3. i think i was too late
  4. oh and wrong increment - sry

    50k if not too late
  5. syrio has won auction closed
  6. received and thanks!
  7. um actually i won this?...
  8. Indeed SilverCrownn won this auction.
    Maddie, you need to deliver the item per auction rules. AKA one Marlix Helmet to SilverCrownn for 45,ooo rupees.

    Syrio, you will need to return the item to xXMaddieooXx in exchange for the same amount of rupees you paid.

    Remember, it is up to the auctioneer to ensure all bids comply with the rules.
    It is also up to the bidder to ensure all their bids comply with auction rules.

    I would highly recommend reading the rules again. You will have some convos sitting in your boxes.
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