[ AUCTION ] Marlix Helmet and Leggings

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  1. Items:
    Marlix Helmet - Unbreaking V, Projectile Protection V
    Marlix Leggings - Unbreaking V, Protection V

    Starting Bid:
    40,000 rupees

    Minimum Bid Increment:
    100 rupees

    Auction End:
    72 hours after the last rule following bid placed

    Aution Pickup:
    Resiedence 4285, SMP2

    2013-12-23_21.51.16.png 2013-12-23_21.51.18.png
  2. Oops, meant to put starting bid as 30,000 rupees. :)
  3. Bump. 30k is VERY cheap for BOTH of these items. :)
  4. Go on then :rolleyes: 30k! :cool:
  5. Hehe, I want diz. 32k
  6. 55k
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  7. Bump! Moe leads with 55k!
  8. 55k is still VERY cheap for these two pieces of armor!
  9. I sold a marlix chestplate for 100k :) Just sayin
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  10. They're worth big bucks!
  11. Le bump.
  12. You're about to get a steal in ONE HOUR!
  13. My bad, still 24 more hours. :)
  14. Paid in full :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.