[Auction] Marlix Bow

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  1. Item's For Auction: Marlix Bow

    Enchantments: unbreaking 5, Power 4, Punch 3, Flame 3 and infinity 1

    Starting Bid: 100r

    Min Bid: 100r

    Auction Duration: 48 hours after last valid bid.

    Winner is to send payment to Deathtomb8953. Auction winner shall have 96 hours "4 days" to pay and pick up the auction, at which time auction shall be posted again.

    Disclaimer: This Forum account is an Alt of the player known as Deathtomb8953, An auction of item gathered in one form or another by myself "Deathtomb8953".
  2. 7.5k Who's stalking who now? >:D
  3. Let's get this party started!
    25,000 Rupees!
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  4. Paid. Just send 30k's to Deathtomb8953 :)
  5. Bow has been mailed out , thank you very much.