Auction: Marlix Bow

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  1. Item: Marlix Bow
    Starting bid: 10k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1k
    Auction end: 24 hours after start
  2. 15k

    ~return of a great player
  3. is this a legit auction? if so when does it end? - OP says 24hrs after start? ...what?
  4. Perez won this for 16k {lucky!} at the auction ended at 7:22pm
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  5. On sunday
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  6. Just to confirm, has this been picked up and paid for?
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  7. Op stated that Auction ends 24hrs after start.
    Start was: Oct 18th 5.22am (my timezone)
    Finish therefore: Oct 19th 5.22am

    - Which makes Perez2428 the winner with a bid of 16k (Syrio's bid was too late being at 6.03am)

    Perez2428 & The_duck_of_life please finalize your transactions.
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