[ AUCTION ] Marlix Armour

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  1. Item: 1 Marlix Armour
    Starting Bid: 25k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours After Last Valid Bid*

    Payment and pickup Disclosed with winner.
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  2. Can you be more specific? Which piece of armor? Unused i presume? Picture maybe?

  3. If you look at a marlix chestplate it's actual name is "Marlix Armour" and seeing as it's illegal to auction off used items. This auction is completely valid and Rampage did everything correctly :)
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  4. Excuse me, but I was not saying it was illegal or used or that the auction was invalid. I just wanted more information, and as a potential bidder I am allowed to ask questions am I not?

    It is very nice for you to speak for the auctioneer, but i asked him a question not you.

  5. its the chestplate, its unused. no picture
  6. auction Cancelled = no bids