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  1. I am auctioning of a double chest full of 45 stacks of arrows, a full iron set of armor(unused),4 power 1 bows, and a Power V(5) bow.
    Minimal Bid: 2,500 rupees.
    Minimal Bid increasements: 200 rupees.
    Bidding ends: 48 hours after (6:20 P.M. Eastern Standard Time)
    Extra Info:
    *Every item is unused.
    *45 stacks of arrows(Under 16 rupees a stack)
    *Full set of iron armor(Unused)
    *Four Power 1 bows(Unused)
    *One Power V(5) bow(Unused)
    Here is a snapshot of the double chest that it is in:
    I live on SMP-1
    Lot # 1103
  2. You can see me saying hi in the background!!!!:cool:
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  3. Some of you may ask why I added the iron armor...every sniper needs protection from airstrikes:D
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  4. Leading Bidder: HylianNinja
    Bid: 5k
  5. The price of the arrows per stack if anyone is wondering, is 16r per stack.
  6. I Do 6k Hehehe I like dark colors BTW
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  7. Cool, just so everyone can see, CreppaNinga235 bid 6k.
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  8. BTW, I looked it up on the Wiki and Power V will kill anymob(besides the enderdragon) in one shot!And it can fire 5x further than the normal bow(its range is about 125 blocks)
  9. God dang you got me! 6.2k
  10. :p
  11. Current Top Bidder: CreppaNinga235
  12. Who ever wins will also have a unique oppurtunity...can't tell you yet.
  13. Current Top Bidder: CreppaNinga235
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