[Auction] Marc's Double Chest Of Goodies #1

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by YOU12MAEC, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Marc's Double Chest of Goodies #1


    22 stacks of 16 Ender Pearls
    14 stacks of 64 melons
    4 stacks of 64 chicken spawn eggs
    4 stacks of 32 blaze rods
    4 stacks of 64 books
    1 diamond pickaxe, Unbreaking 3, Eff 2
    1 diamond pickaxe, Unbreaking 3, Eff 4

    Worth over 10k

    Starting bid 100r

    Bid Increasments: 100r
    Auction ends 24 hours after last bid.
  2. 3k good start
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  3. Gnytctk in the leave with 3,000!
  4. Twitch in the lead with 3.1k
    Your out of the lead, you better catch up!
  5. 3.2k
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  6. You're out of the lead! Hurry back and reclaim that chest!
    Your in the lead with 3.2k Nice!
  7. come on josh I wanted to have my first battle with a moderator :p oh well 4k
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  8. 4.2K
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  9. 4.5k
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  10. Josh in the lead with 4.5k!
    You two are OUT of the lead. Get your butts into it!
  11. Leave my butt out of this 5k
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  12. 5.5k
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  13. 6.4k
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  14. Well, your butt is out of it now.
    Your butt is aswell.
    And your butt is in :D
  15. 6.5k
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  16. Your butts out.
    Now your butt is in :D
  17. 7k dont talk about my butt again
  18. You're out.
    Fine, you tushie is in again :3
  19. Well im going to bed so ill leave you all with 8.2 k
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