[AUCTION] Magical Eggcelent Wand

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Ritunn, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Item: Magical Eggcelemt Wand
    Starting Bid: 8k
    Minimum Bid increment: 250r
    Ends: 24 hours after most recent bidder.
    Pickup available once auction ends. Let the bidding begin!
  2. 8,000r
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  3. Looks like we have a winner in a few more hours. Anyone else want to postpone his victory?
  4. Oh looks like we got more bidders. Let's bump this once again.
  5. The winner will be decided soon. Unless someone wants to prevent it.
  6. WeezerNL is the winner with 10k! I will soon set up delivery at my res on SMP4, /v +Stories. I will inform you when it can be picked up.
  7. Ok, let me know. 10k payed.
  8. Pickup ready at /v +Stories
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  9. Hi, it says i dont have permission to open the container despite your access sign (container:chest flag).
    Could you have a look or else leave it at my residence? Ill have a chest with access for you just in case.
  10. I'll bring it over to your res. That is quite odd but I Will make sure yo get the item.
  11. got it, thanks!
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