[AUCTION] Lots of Promos and More!!!

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  1. Starting bid: 5000 r
    Min. Bid Increments: 100 r
    Auction ending time: 24 hours after LAST VALID bid.
    Auction pick up: SMP9 19475
    Items: 1 EMC Starter Kit
    1 EMC 2013 New Year Firework
    1 Turkey Slicer
    1 Holiday Pick
    1 Zombie Virus
    1 Creeper Head
    1 Skeleton Head
    <- Picture of Stuffs
  2. This auction is invalid. To auction off heads they need to be in Dc form ( 54 heads ) same with the zombie virus.
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  3. Mob head must be auctioned in DC quantities - You may carry on the auction with all items without the heads if you wish. -Fendy
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  4. Thanks. No heads then and it wont let me edit the post so i cant fix that it says the 2 heads
  5. Ninja'd
  6. Double ninja 16k
  7. You got a bad internet or what?

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  8. 25k
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  9. Who can ninja over 25 k?
  10. Um the zombie virus makes this invalid too
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  11. Ok then everything but the 2 heads and the virus. i would edit the top post but i cant
  12. I believe that all bids before this are invalid, as bidders are bidding on something that is no longer part of the auction, but a staff member should clarify this
  13. Easiest solution: Report for a mod to close and make a new auction without virus and heads.
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