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  1. starting bid:5k
    minimum bid increments 100r
    ends:12 hours after last bid

    x2 Unbreaking III eff IV
    x1 Fortune II eff III
    x3 eff III silk I
    x1 fortune I
    x2 unbreaking III eff III
    x2 unbreaking III eff IV fortune III
    x2 eff IV
    x1 fortune III eff V
    x1 unbreaking III
    x1 eff III
    x1 fortune III
    x1 fortune 1 eff 2
    x1 fortune II eff IV
    x1 unbreaking III eff II

    x1 sharpness II knockback I
    x2 knockback II b o a IV
    x1 smite IV
    x1 smite III looting II

    x2 sharpness III knockback II
    x1 sharpess III
    x2 smite IV knockback II
    x1 b o a V knockback II
    x1 b o a IV fire aspect II

    boa=bane of arthropods

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  2. pick up at 4454 under enchants section of shop.
  3. mitharis 4460
  4. Must you always bid me up?? :mad: I'm out
  5. I dont think Robbie is doing this on purpose. She most likely needs theses items, and is bidding to get them...
  6. I need them for all the mining going into the project.... I dont mean to do it on purpose....
  7. i know haha, i understand :p. if you win can i buy the swords? :D
  8. Yes I don't need those...lol
  9. yay! thanks :)
  10. I'd bid if I had this much money.... Oh well, gotta wait until servers are up, then make my shop even better! (4029, by the way)
  11. Or vote 7 times a day
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.