[AUCTION] Looting III Book ! [CLOSED]

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  1. This auction is for one Looting III Enchanted Book.

    You can use this to make a sword that gets the maximum possible drops from mobs (Looting 3)!

    The starting bid will be just 500 r.

    Minimum bid increase will be 100r.

    This Auction will end 24 hours after the last valid bid or 3 days from the time of this post, whichever comes first.

    After winning, and paying, you will be given access to the chest at 8122 Jungle Shop (on smp4).

    Thank you.

    (I will add a screenshot later, but you can use your imagination :))
  2. 2.5k
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  3. That escalated quickly.
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  4. 2.6
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  5. Since I can't retract my bid, i'll allow the next person to bid the same as me and take the lead as i no longer have the need for this book.
  6. Thank you for your bid. We can not adjust the auction rules, after it starts, so the next person that bids has to bid 4100 r or more. I am guessing that someone will, but you never know. Thanks.
  7. Casgamer101 is correct, once you make a valid bid it will be the highest bid and would need to be outbid by the minimum increases.
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  8. wow 5ooor for only a looting 3 book

  9. XD im just kind like that
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  10. Thank you all for your bids.
    uglydragon wins with 5000 r.
    Thank You.
    I started a private message about pay and pickup.
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