[AUCTION] Looting 3 Knockback 2 Sharpness 5

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  1. Diamond Sword with
    Looting 3
    Knockback 2
    Sharpness 5

    Bid starts from 8k
  2. Can I still buy that on pick axe from you?
  3. Oleyy, please have a look at the rules and instructions for posting auction threads. There's all kinds of things you're supposed to have in there that you don't.

    This thread isn't even in the right part of the marketplace. People keep messing around, and auctions are just going to get banned again :(
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  4. Ok pm me zbalda and sorry I didnt know that there was a special part and rules for auctions :)
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  5. That's okay :p We just wanna keep our auctions <3
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