[Auction] LB Ind. Ferrum Ingots

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  1. Fun Fact from the title:
    Ferrum is the Latin word for Iron, which is where the chemical symbol for Iron, Fe, comes from.*
    *ingots not renamed
    Now for the Auction!
    Item: Double Chest of Iron Ingots
    Starting Bid: 4k
    Minimum Bid Increments: 250r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after last valid bid with no other bids after it

    -Pickup at Smp8-16139 (Bennybeebop's res)-
    -Payments to me-

    Happy Bidding!
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  2. Double chest of iron ingots is this a DC of STACKS of iron ingots or is this just 1 DC of singular iron ingots
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  3. wot?
  4. A dc of ingots, all 3456 of them. Un-enchanted, lustrous, durable, and most importantly stacked in 64's ;)
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  5. That's why there was no iron XD
  6. Bump, the iron is not even above 5k yet. Still very cheap :cool:
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  7. Well it looks like you have won
    An Access Chest is being set up right now at 16139
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  8. Awesome, im paying you now.
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  9. I uh, cant pick up on smp8.... can I pay you extra for delivery? :)
  10. sure thing, where to? res and server please
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  11. res 3339 smp2, im sending you an extra 50r for delivery fee.
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  12. On my way.
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