[auction] large chest of discs (assorted)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by TheTrufflehunter, May 11, 2012.

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    highest bid: 5.3k by DOTD1997

    as in the title,

    item: large chest of discs

    starting bid: 2,000r

    increments: 100r

    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last post

    description: a large chest of discs.

  2. Before anyone comments that this isn't one of the approved items to auction, a chest full of music discs is considered rare enough that IcecreamCow specifically approved this auction.

    [edit] TheTrufflehunter, please add an ending time, though.
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  3. i'll do 2.1k

    I'd enjoy these.
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  4. 23 hours to go!
  5. and i have highest bid :) i honestly would like them. :D
    what server are u on?
  6. smp2

    come on guys! these r worth like at least 20k or something
  7. k, thanks. highest bid so far... hope i win.
  8. HIGHER!

    ok guys, im (probably) off for the night, so see ya in the early morning, and bid :D
  9. 3k.

  10. no fair... i'm competing against someone with half a mil.
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  11. It pretty much just passed 60r each, so I'm out.
  12. YAY! highest bidder again.
  13. 24 hours. we have reset the timer, because it was askew and i forgot when i paused it. (sorry DOTD ;))
  14. no problem
  15. Why is everyone going up in bids so much? 3600r!
  16. 3800r!
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