[Auction}Knockback II Dia Sword(renamed to Knocker Sword)

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  1. Item:Diamond Sword,Knockback II,renamed to Knocker Sword.
    Starting bid:975r
    Minimum increase:100r
    Ends 48 hours after last valid bid.
  2. I need to somehow edit the first post to fix the smiley coming up...
    And I posted before seeing the upload image button,so here's an image
  3. the starting bid seems to high...
  4. I bought the enchbook,the sword and exp bottles.Do not post unless you are bidding or asking a question.
  5. As you can see no one has bid on it, because it is a ripoff...
  6. Knockback book:Bought at 534:822r
    Sword:Bought at 413:200r or so
    Exp:Bottles from my villager,0r
  7. No one has bid on this swords....
  8. It is only 1/49th of the total time till the no-bid end...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.