[Auction] Just one DC Sugarcane.

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by RaiinNL, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Item: 1 DC Sugarcane

    Starting Bid: 10r

    Minimum Bid Increment: 5r

    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after last valid bid

    Preview/Pickup chest: /v 12756 at SMP6 ! :D

    Happy bidding !
  2. 100r
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  3. A wonderful DC sugarcane, what else do you want?! Give it a chance, maybe this great life changing DC is gonna be yours! Or is it gonna be Slender21421 lifes changing DC? Its your call!
  4. No because the life changing dc will be mine with 1,000 rupees
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  5. Is Jdog37's life gonna change? Or is someone else gonna grab this great DC away from him?! We will see....
  6. I hope you can handle this message.. but.. its true. You won the life changing auction !!!

    After payment you can pick it up at /v 12756 !
  7. Omg! Omg! It can't be true I feel like a new person. I feel like my life just changed.
  8. I havent received a payment yet.
  9. Sorry i never realized I have won till now I will pay as soon as I can get online
  10. No problem! :D
  11. Check your rupee history I payed you Thursday at 6:46 PM... So where can I pick up the life changing DC?
  12. aaah I see, im sorry about this! You can pick it up at /v 12757 !
    Again, sorry :)