[Auction!] Item:Smooth Stone 2 FULL DC [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ants4235, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. my first auction :D
    starting bid 100r
    auction ends 24 hours after final bid
    pickup: smp9 res# 18022
  2. 100r(this can make 2 dcs of stone slabs :D)
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  3. actually it can make 4 but you know close enough and Yay candy!
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  4. bump
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  5. Like LOL stone is sooooooo fashionable these days....
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  6. Totally But I Was Hopping For A Steal So Im Out.
  7. oh cmon mc_overlord das no fun! its still underpriced bro i mean u cant find 2 dc at a shop for this little
  8. I Know Thats Wy I Was Bidding.... I can Get Stone Easily Im Just To Lazy :p
  9. XD dude my stone gen makes 20 stone at a time i think i kinda out do u hahahaha
  10. Ill Have To Show You Mine. are You Still On?
  11. well sleepwell my little actions one day u will grow up big and strong :p gnight to the empire!
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  12. Yeah, it's not gonna be that easy.

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  13. hahaha keep it goin guys and if you dont win dont worry ill be posting more auctions shortly after :p so keep an eye out for me boys!
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  14. well guys looks like chrystianf has won the auction
    chrystian just head on over to smp9 and if im on ill show u to ur prize :D
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  15. Allright, paid. When would be a good time to pick up?
  16. ummmm during late nights not past 12ish please if this is a problem please feel free to make ur own time ill see if i can get on sorry fopr any inconviniances i recently moved so my sleeping and all is outa wack plus doin diff stuff every day i hope u can undrstand
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.