[AUCTION] Iron Supporter voucher!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by OriginalScuf, Jul 18, 2015.

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  1. Starting Bid: 50,000 R
    Min. Bid Increment: 1,000 R
    Auction Ends 48 Hours after last VALID bid.
    Pick up is on SMP7, at 14214.
    Happy bidding<3
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  2. There's already 54k and I'm sorry for this bump but it needs to be fixed:p
  3. Please don't break rules to receive more money, just BUMP every 3 hours... not that long tbh :)
  4. First off, She said sorry for that bump plus he/she messed up and a bid. So in that cause she was asking for him to fix it so please don't tell her what she knows:D (not to be mean) All she wanted was a fix:p
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  5. And 64k ori<3
  6. InfinityOwns In the lead with 84k! Still very cheap!
  7. I hope i win:D XD Btw ori if i do win ill pay ya extra cause this is low and its been awhile
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