[AUCTION] Iron supporter voucher

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by RainbowPony, Jul 27, 2014.

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  1. Item: Iron supporter voucher
    Starting bid: 50,000r
    Minimum bid increment: 1000r
    Auction End: 24h

    [become an iron supporter for free for a month]
  2. 110k
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  3. Please limit bumps to 3 hours after last post
  4. 112K
    Any more and I'm out
  5. You may bump, at earliest, 3 hours after the last post. This three hour timer is based on the last post by any player. A full list of Auction rules can be found here. :)
  6. I didn't mean XD as a bump it's a smily face
  7. Auction is now finished,
    Congratulations to AbstractToast9
    With the final bid of 112k once I have received payment I will mail you the Iron supporter voucher
  8. It is not over. It has only been about 9-10 hours after his bid? There is still another 14 hours if I am counting correctly.
    Also, any post you make on here is a bump effectively, because it bumps the thread to the top, so just keep it to three hours, thanks. :)
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  9. Thx to everyone who bidded too
  10. Haha woods didn't mean to put it into 1 quote XD
  11. Ahhh auto correct
  12. Ah, I thought you meant 24 hours after last bid. Sorry, it wasn't clear enough for me, my apologies.
    Though, just remember the rules about bumps, thanks. :)
  13. Ok XD I will
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.