auction! Iron helm with blast protection 1

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  1. unused
    reserve price 150r
    must go up by 50 not 1r
    bidding will end 12 hours after last bid

    (ps. a helmt like this saved me from dying because of a supercreeper
    they are lifesavers)
  2. a level 1 enchant -_-
  3. if i iron is 15r 15x5 is 75

    so a level one enchant will cost 75r

    1 can get 1 level kiling 3 skellys
  4. good for you i personaly like the prices i have
    i am making a suit of armor all for killing skeliton.
    chest and leggins have projectile protection 2
    the feet have featherfall
    and the helm has aqua effinity and protection1
  5. how much for the full set?
  6. rayson1357 already has dibs on the full set:p
  7. i would pay 900r for a iron chestplate that’s good enchanted!
  8. What is your definition of a good enchatment??
    Just wondering.
  9. A level 50 enchant?
  10. 150 r
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  11. For the record i was asking lapapapa
    but thx anyway
  12. thx for startibg this off
  13. congrats honam1021 you one once you pay me then i will put up a chest with the item inside!!!
  14. i would pay 100r
  15. Ok,I will pay tomorrow.
  16. i Would say like oh, enchanted boots, when u fall the damage is smoother
  17. bob if u cant work up enoguh enchantment points and make me diamond leggings and a diamond helmet id pay good
  18. OK,I have paid.Where can I get my item?
  19. I have a chest plate and leggings of diamond but i don't have xp!