[Auction]Industrial Wood Harvest Kit

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  1. Hello fellows EMC people! Today I'm auctioning the perfect kit to harvest all the wood on this server! Be rich and OP with that wonderful kit.

    Starting bid : 1r
    Raise : 1r
    Ends : 48h after last valid bid
    Pick up : floor 13 of my 1st res on smp8.

    Good Luck!

    This Kit includes :

    - A double chest of efficiency III unbreaking III diamond axes!
    Perfect to create a complete army of crazy workers.

    - A double chest of shears!
    If you feel like keeping the leaves to burn them later, this will help.

    - A double chest of flint and steel!
    What?? A competitor as arrived you said??? Meh, it smells better now.

    - An Industrial combinaison! (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots)
    A full armor made of diamonds, with unbreaking III and protection IV. Perfect to cut wood with style or to be protected from psycho ecologists!

    - Industrial E.K.S (ecologist killing system) (Axe)
    With this baby, made out of diamonds and with unbreaking III, fortune III, efficiency V and sharpness V, if you need to break down a wall or to kill anyone interrupting your business this will do the perfect job.

    - Industrial F.S.C (freedom steak collector) (Sword)
    Find a cow close to you when cutting wood? No need to let it live, especially when the freedom steak season is on! Pretty good with that looting III, unbreaking III, sharpness V, fire aspect II and knockback II and made of shiny diamonds of course!

    - Industrial L.W.C (leaves and wool collector) (Shear)
    Why stop the being cruel when you can peel back the skin of the animals before killing them? Very resistant with unbreaking III, efficiency V and silk touch I. You can take some ice for no durability cost!

    - Industrial A.Q.K (animal quick killer) (Bow)
    ''Mmmh, way too far lucky for you, your life is spared'' Whohohohwowohwowhow whataadtaahtda STOP! Use this my friend, unbreaking III, flame I, punch II, power V and infinity I bow. I don't want to hear you say that again!

    - New player guide (Promo book) (soulbound and final, got this month)
    Nice gift to give to your enemy after you destroyed there whole business with all that firepower you got!
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  2. I'll start with 1r.
  3. That was so awesome that i have to bid

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  4. Bump there is a DOUBLE CHEST of enchanted axes in that kit!
  5. For the creativity of the presentation of this post....

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