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    Any more posts complaining about price, etc will result in possible in-game punishment.
    Ever wanted to own an item that less than 10 other people do? These things are rarer than dragon eggs, they are... the head of one of our admins!

    Well, today I am auctioning 1 icecreamcow head (not the special one that has purple text)
    31 samrawcliffe2 heads (they look like aikar)
    16 Handsome_Jack0 heads (they look like maxarias)
    and 7 TheCrafter10 heads (they look like justinguy)
    I can guarantee that the admin fakes will be staying like admins, though I must advertise them as the actual use :)

    Here is a picture of all the heads placed, they will be collected in a double chest for you when you win the auction :)

    Starting bid is 250,000 rupees. Think it's expensive? Cool! Want to make a post about it? Don't!
    Minimum bid increase is 1,000 rupees.
    Auction ends 48 hours after the last valid bid.
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  2. I have a question that is actually relevant to this auction, other that posts about people posting off topic. Is this one of the 2 IcC heads that you and Kryssy earned, or is this one given out at the drop party? And is there a difference between the originals and the drop party ones?
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  3. Not my original, my original has purple text.
  4. Ugh I miss edit D:
    As in purple text, I meant purple text written beneath it, as a description to the item, there's still a white name.
  5. If you'll lower the starting price, ill bid 50k. :confused:
  6. The fact that people are willing to bid 50k, but not 300k (what I consider a slightly ideal price... is 275k something you guys would bid?) is exactly why the starting bid is so high. I want a price I'd be comfortable with if only one person bid. I paid ridiculous amounts for these, which were higher than the starting bid just fyi. I would like to "cash these in" per se, and have rupees instead of an item I already have 3 of.
  7. I have cleaned up this thread of all superfluous posts. Don't make me do it again...

  8. Hope this doesn't count as a bump, if it does, sorry.
    I've decided to lower the starting bid by 50,000 rupees, making the new starting bid 250,000 rupees. Thank you for cleaning the thread krysyy, and I harbor no ill feelings towards anyone that decided to break the rules today :)
  9. I have a question, this might chance somes mind.
    Since this head is rare, how Can we know that its gonna stay rare?
    Did ICC say any thing about doing another or is there a guarantee that hes not gonna give out again? 250k is actually alot of rupees for some people and because this is a head that we don't really have guarantee on it's gonna stay rare and not fall in price we don't bid well atleast I don't. It will be nice to know if there will come more or not. Last time I bought something rare (dragon egg) 1week after dragon thombs got announced.

    Sorry if this is irrelevant just needed to know
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  10. Dragon eggs - there were originally 5-6, then after tombs were announced in the making, there are now 100-120 eggs ... the originals sold for 1-2 mil ... duplicates few 100k.... For this auction, there are only 2 originals that exist, and about 10 dropped heads... if anything this is, like Kev said - More rare ... and in this case should be valued higher than an egg - as (just like with eggs) even though there will be more eggs later - there are only a few originals.

    good luck kevzor
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  11. fixed in main thread
  12. Sad because you couldn't get a head at the recent drop party? Well, to hopefully get some bids because I've been saving this bump... the starting bid is now down to 200,000 rupees!
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  13. I reported the post, but I guess actually making a post makes more sense heh. Could this thread please be closed? I'm currently thinking of a clever way to dispose of the 2 non-rare heads.
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  14. ;3 We'll think of something...
  15. Closed by request.
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