[AUCTION] Huge Valentine's Day Preparation Auction

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  1. [AUCTION] Huge Valentine's Day Preparation Auction

    • 3 DC (Pink/Red/White) Clay
    • 3 DC (Pink/Red/White) Wool
    • 5 Themed Sets of Leather Armor
    • 10xHorse Eggs
    • (2x)Cupid Bows, Shear Madness, 2014 EMC Birthday Cake, 2014 *Empire Firework*, (2x)Feast for a King, (2x)Vault Voucher, Pi Pie
    • 1 DC Speed Potions (8:00)
    • 1 DC Speed II Potions (1:30)
    • 1 DC Fire Resist Potions (8:00)
    • 1 DC Night Vision Potions (8:00)
    • 1 DC Arrows
    *NOTE : There are preview chests at 19398 on smp9 and images are below ;)

    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1r
    Auction Ending Time: 52 Hours from last valid bid (or 52 hours with no bids)
    Pickup Location: Meowmart 19398 on smp9
    Hello again! I'm back with another auction, and as the name suggests, this one is to prepare you for Valentine's Day! Below is an assortment of wonderful goods that will have you ready for Valentine's Day instantaneously. Whether you are building a monument to love or you just want some nice clothes, this has you covered.
    Auction Part 1 : Building Blocks
    If White, Pink and Red colored blocks are what you need, then this part of the auction will get you well on your way! I have included 6 DC's of various materials listed below.

    • 1 DC White Clay
    • 1 DC Pink Clay
    • 1 DC Red Clay
    • 1 DC White Wool
    • 1 DC Pink Wool
    • 1 DC Red Wool

    Auction Part 2 : Promo Items
    If you need even more wool than I am selling here, you need not fear. I have included the Shear Madness Promo. I have also included 2 cupid bows so that you can spread the love, and two pastry promos so you can enjoy dessert with you loved ones! If you were wondering where to store all this stuff, well I have covered that by including 2 vault vouchers as well!
    • Shear Madness (100k promo)
    • Cupid Bow (x2)
    • 2014 EMC Birthday Cake
    • 2014 *Empire Firework*
    • Feast for a King (x2)
    • Pi Pie
    • Vault Voucher (x2)
    Auction Part 3 : Unique Clothes
    Not many people can say they have a special wardrobe for Valentine's Day. With this great set you can say that and more. I will describe them in the order they are displayed in the image.
    • The Emo Valentine Set. Each of these is dyed black and enchanted with Thorns III. It's the perfect thing to wear if you are feeling dark and you want to give the cold shoulder this Valentine's Day.
    • The Heartbreak Set. Each of these is dyed blue and enchanted with Projectile Protection. In addition to it looking nice, it will assure that you don't get shot down. It's a win-win!
    • The Undying Love Set. Each of these is dyed pink and enchanted with Unbreaking III. It's a cute outfit and it will last as long as your undying love.
    • The Burning With Passion Set. Each of these is dyed red and enchanted with Fire Protection IV. This is perfect if you expect things to heat up this Valentine's Day.
    • The White Knight Set. Each of these is dyed white and enchanted with Protection IV. This is perfect if you feel like you need a fashionable way to save some princesses.

    Auction Part 4 : Horses
    If you want to ride off into the sunset you had better get a good horse. Here are 10 majestic steeds to choose from!
    1. White None - 126.05 Spd - 71.93 Jmp - 24.56 Hth
    2. Black None - 123.32 Spd - 74.72 Jmp - 26.33 Hth
    3. White White - 121.09 Spd - 77.99 Jmp - 25.54 Hth
    4. White White - 123.62 Spd - 74.45 Jmp - 24.32 Hth
    5. Brown White - 105.67 Spd - 91.20 Jmp - 29.33 Hth
    6. Brown None - 119.99 Spd - 87.37 Jmp - 28.67 Hth
    7. Creamy None - 107.27 Spd - 88.83 Jmp - 28.67 Hth
    8. White None - 122.75 Spd - 83.30 Jmp - 23.14 Hth
    9. Brown Whitefield - 109.06 Spd - 84.22 Jmp - 24.44 Hth
    10. Dark Brown Whitefield - 120.57 Spd - 78.33 Jmp - 20.22 Hth
    Auction Part 5 : Potions
    Potions, potions, and more potions!
    • 1 DC Speed (8:00) Potions
    • 1 DC Speed II (1:30) Potions
    • 1 DC Fire Resist (8:00) Potions
    • 1 DC Night Vision (8:00) Potions

    Auction Part 6 : Arrows
    You can't use a Cupid Bow without arrows, so here you go! Enjoy :)
    • 1 DC Arrows
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    Auction Ends in Approximately 3 Hours if Nobody Bids
    Leading Bid is 100,001 by Runningrhino
  11. Bidding Has Closed

    Thanks to everyone who bid and have a happy Valentine's Day everyone!
    Runningrhino has won with a bid of 100,001 rupees. I will set up access. Please pay at time of pickup :)