[AUCTION] Huge Promo Item Auction!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Quartzic, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. I'm auctioning off a huge amount of promo items.
    The full list is here:

    3 Stable Vouchers
    1 Empire Firework
    4 Ore Busters
    1 Turfinator
    1 Everlasting Axestopper
    1 Big Daddy Helmet
    1 Bullet Proof Vest
    1 Cactus Pants
    1 Feather Fallllling Boots

    And here's a screenshot of all them in a chest:

    Auction starting bid: 50,000 Rupees
    Auction minimum bid increase: 1,500 Rupees
    Auction ending time: 3 days (72 hours) after last valid bid.
    Auction pickup location: 607 on SMP1 after payment.

    Let the bidding wars begin!
  2. Which EMC firework?

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  3. The fouthr of july one.
  4. ok, why are all of these auctions so tempting!

    these investments better make me money 1 day...

    66k, the worth of the 60k members items alone, not accounting for a profit
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  5. yup, i guess ill bid 100k, not cuz i wanna, but cuz somewhere deep in my mind i truly believe that i might make a profit


    somebody, plz help me with my bidding issues
  6. WolfThunderblade is in the lead at 100k!
    The 60k items alone are worth 140k!

    (in case you couldn't tell, this is a bump.)
  7. Bump. All of this together is worth at least 200k right now. Who knows how much it'll be worth in the future?
  8. Bump. Come on, just wait a few months and it'll be worth tons of rupees!
  9. 1 more day to go! Bump!
  10. Bump. Only a few minutes till it's over!

  11. You have won! Please make payment at your earliest convenience and find the items at 607 on SMP1. Enjoy!

    (note: server transportation services available for no charge)
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  12. Note that if you don't pick up/pay for items within 1 day, the auction will be closed, your rupees (if paid) will be refunded, and you will not receive the items.
  13. i cudnt pay or pick it up on thursday when i won cuz i was at a 3 hour delayed yankee game, only to come home and go to a late night pool party. when i finally got home, i had to read my summer reading book. i then woke up to read some more, and then went to another pool party, and i got back yesterday at 8 pm est, when i logged in and paid for the auction. i wud have picked it up yesterday had u set up the access chest. and i get it, i paid more than 24 hours after i won, but i still paid and was ready to pick up the stuff the day after i won (yesterday)! i honestly find this very unfair, and i wud rly appreciate it if u were understanding about the fact that i have a life outside of minecraft, and give me the auction prize that i won fair and square.

    im not saying "plz" here, im saying "please"; and if i was saying "plz" cuz its shorter than "please", u cud atleast say "k" cuz its shorter than "no"
  14. Illegal. If he won your auction you must sell him the listed items for his winning bid. It's not an option ;)
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  15. I think in the original description you missed the flaming mob launcher…
  16. Access signs have been placed. Please make payment at your earliest convenience and find your winning at 607 on SMP1.
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