[Auction] Hostile Mob Drop Mania!

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  1. Item(s):
    DC, Gunpowder
    DC, Blaze Rods
    DC, Magma Cream
    DC, Gold Nuggets
    DC, Slimeballs
    DC, Pwr III / Unb III Bows
    DC, Arrows
    DC, Bones
    DC, String
    DC, Spider Eyes
    DC, Rotten Flesh
    DC, Zombie Virus
    Two DC's, Ender Pearls

    Get ready for Halloween!!

    Starting Bid: 10,000r

    Minimum Bid Increments: 500r

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end on the later of 48 hours after the last bid has been posted or 11:59pm, EST, Monday, October 7th.

    After Winning: Chests have been set up in Mob Head Park at The Enchanted Mega Mall, 18252, smp9. Win to gain access to all 14 chests!

    Notes: Please do not coordinate any splits on this thread, go somewhere else. No delivery available, don't ask. If Ghast Tears were here few people could afford it - that and the farm is still a work in progress. Coal from a Wither Skeleton is the same as the coal you dig up, so it's not here. I know Zombie Pigmen aren't "hostile mob", but they were sure mad when they died. Good luck!

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  2. 10k

    nice little collection.
  3. 15,500r!
  4. 20k \o3o/
  5. Currently at 24k cheap. Bump! :D
  6. 26k. I need dis ;3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.