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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by SleepyPK, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Are enchantments of all materials allowed in the same chest auction? I plan to auction a bunch of enchantments I've acumulated. Any help, no matter how small is apreciated.
  2. Do you mean Like Wood, iron, stone and Diamond enchanted tools?
  3. Iron and Diamond.
  4. well you can auction off any number of enchanted items such as a chest full of enchanted spades and pickaxes it doesn't matter what you auction as long as it's enchanted . now with materials your only allowed to auction that single material in a double-chest where all 54 slots are filled with the maximum amount of that material that stack such as you can auction a entire double chest of water buckets but only water buckets can be in that chest
  5. Okay, thanks friend.
  6. Yes it is completly ok to sell Different enchanted items other than just diamond but as a side note i would make sure that the bidders know that it is IRON & diamond items that they are bidding on. (make it very obvious)
  7. it doesn't matter what materials that the enchanted items your auctioning off are as long as they are enchanted