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  1. No, your eyes aren't fooling you.You read it correct. What we have up for auction today is a Golden God Sword!

    Normally I work with only with diamonds but recently I decided to try something different. I found myself with a large number of low level enchanted gold swords. These swords were pried from the cold dead hands of the pigmen who once owned them. I took the swords to my armory and forged the evil swords into something good. I created the sword you see here today!

    It's not often you see a Golden God Sword let alone one that was forged from pigmen swords. Not only is this sword beautiful to look at, it also a formidable weapon! You can see in picture 2 how stunning this sword really is.

    Because of this swords unique history, I decided to name it Pig Sticker.

    So, how much would you be will to pay for a sword like this?

    Item being auctioned: Golden God Sword aka Pig Sticker
    Starting Bid: 5000
    Min Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction End: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Sword Will be mailed to the winning bidder
    2014-07-15_20.14.20.png 2014-07-15_19.51.23.png
  2. If no one auctions on this I'll buy it for like 3k
  3. I saw a wooden god sword go for 7k once.
  4. Because your story was funny I'll go 5k
  5. :)

    This is actually a really decent sword. Cheap to repair too.
  6. Conratz RR you're the winner!

    I bet you're super excited aren't you?

    The next one I make I'm keeping for myself. Anyone can face the wild with a diamond sword. If you want to be styling, you need gold! Maybe I'll make myself some gold armor too. I'll be the blingiest mob hunter on EMC! :D

    As soon as I get payment I'll mail the sword.

    Thanks for bidding!
  7. I'll pay when I get home
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