Auction- Golden Apple - Starting at 50r

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  1. Auction- Golden Apple - Starting at 50r

    You can buy this golden apple by
    - Bidding
    -or 500r

    if you win the auction you can
    -pick up ( at 4090 , Smp2 . ) there will be a room with the winner's access code OUTSIDE the shop

    Auction ends in 24 hours , be quick . And i wish you good luck !
  2. 23 hours to go
  3. Aren't these not that rare anymore? Apples do fall from trees :)
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  4. do they ? apples fall form trees, i bought the golden apple from the admin shop ages ago...
  5. 3 hours to go
  6. Yeah, golden apples are now going to be insanely common. Apples from oak leaves 1/200 drop, plus 1 gold bar (not 8 blocks). With a gold nugget left over!
  7. Golden Apples are worth around 25r now, sorry. :(

    If you sold this in 1.8, it'd go for about 3000r.