[AUCTION] Godly Armor + Bow + Sword

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  1. Item auctioning Off: Godly Armor + Bow + Sword
    Starting Price: 500r
    Raise per bid: 100r
    When Auction Ends: 48 Hours After Last Bid Posted
    Enchants: Helmet Fire Pro 3 Aqua Affinity 1 Respiration 3/ChestPlate Fire Pro 3 Thorns 1 Unb 3/Leggings Pro 3 Unb 3/Boots Pro 3 Feather Falling 4 Thorns 2 Sword: Smite 3 Knock 2 Fire Aspect 2 Bow: Flame 1 Punch 1 Power 4
    ScreenShot :D
  2. I'ma Put another screenshot of them fixed
  3. I don't really care if their used or not... If someone else bids, that might be different.
  4. I'm almost done
  5. 600r XD

    (Like A Boss XD)
  6. Nightly BUMP!!
  7. godz is in the lead with 1k!
  8. Nole is in the lead with 1.5k!
  9. Godz is in the lead with 1.6k!
  10. Un mille sept cents (1.7k)

    Practicing my French XD (got a quiz tomorrow) XD
  11. Reminder: Only "Bump" Once every 3 hours. This includes posts such as "RandomDude123 is in the lead with -1 rupees!" or something like that. If someone bids or posts a comment, the 3-hour timer is reset. I almost got banned for auctions for doing this (Not leaveing 3 hours between comments). This is well past my bedtime (Not that I'm a young child), so I should probably be in bed. I just don't want you getting banned from auctions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.