[AUCTION] God weapons/Tools and Good Armor!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Prince_Xanthos, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. So today I present to you the finest set of weapons and armor I have ever made!
    Lets start this off with 3, count 'em 3 God weapons!
    1. Head Chopper: Sharpness V-Unbreaking III-Fire Aspect II-Looting III (Diamond Sword)
    2. Wither Killer: Smite V(Great for zombies, skeletons, and withers)-Fire Aspect II-Unbreaking III-Looting III (Diamond Sword)
    3. Auriel's Bow: Unbreaking III-Power IV-Infinity I-Flame I-Punch II
    (Note: The swords do not have knockback on them as I find it to be useless, as you can acheive the same affect by sprinting as you hit the mob. It unnecessarily extends the amount of time it takes to kill a mob in my opinion.)

    Next, lets bring out the triple pickaxe set to blow your mind! (All Diamond)
    1. Unbreaking III-Efficiency IV-Silk Touch I
    2. Unbreaking III-Efficiency IV-Fortune III
    3. Unbreaking III-Efficiency V

    Now isn't that all just amazing!?!?!?! But it get's better people! Just so you stay alive long enough out there to use it all, I present to you all a fine suit of armor! (All Diamond)
    Head: Protection IV-Respiration III-Aqua Affinity I
    Chest: Protection IV-Unbreaking III
    Legs: Protection IV-Unbreaking II
    Feet: Protection IV-Feather Falling IV

    That is all I have for you today, so lets start bidding, shall we?

    Opening bid must be at least 3,ooo rupees.
    Only increase by at least 100 rupees.

    Happy bidding people!
  2. Awesome.
    Just... awesome.
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  3. -You forgot ending time :p -
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  4. Why must I bid on stuff I do not need? 11k
  5. Ahhhh I just knew I forgot something, and I rehearsed that speech for hours! Sorry for the confusion good bidders, it will be 36 hours after final bid is made!
  6. It was quite a great text, I might point out.
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  7. Thank you for the compliment Matheus! Also, Mr.Matheus is in the lead with 20,000 rupees. Does anyone have the heart and conviction to out bid him?
  8. I am awake and ready for a full day of bidding! Anyone else as pumped as me? Lets see! Who will beat Qwertyip's bid of 21,000 rupees, hmmmm?
  9. Oh how I want to bid, but i only have 12k. :mad:
  10. 21100 rupees.
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  11. ... 21200 rupees
  12. 21345 rupees
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  13. Well this became some small increments! Will anyone try a speed bid war against Matheus?
  14. Bump! 7 hours until Matheus wins! Come on people, can't let him win this awesome gear for so little can you?
  15. Yes, yes you can :p
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  16. No, no they can't!
  17. They did let me win o/
    Paid, waiting for the pick up information
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  18. Come to my res on SMP 7. I will have a chest set up for you! Just type /v Prince_Xanthos
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