[auction] GOD set

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  1. The perfect set to go hunt those bosses!

    Starting bid 1r
    Raise 1r
    Ends 48h after last valid bid
    Look it up at floor 13 of my 1st res.
    Good luck!

    S=sharpness FA=Fire aspect KB=Knockback L=Looting
    Po=power5 In=infinity F=flame Pu=Punch
    DS= Depth strider FF= Feather falling P=protection AF= Aua aff T= Thorns
    F=Fortune 3 St=Silk touch E=efficiency

    Helmet : P4-U3-AF1-R3-T3
    Chestplate : P4-U3-T3
    Legging : P4-U3-T3
    Boots : P4-U3-DS3-FF4-T3

    Sword : U3-S5-FA2-KB2-L3

    Bow : U3-F2-Pu2-Po5-In1

    Picks : 1- U3-F3-E5 2- U3-St1-E5
  2. 69r? okay... 100.
  3. 5000 rupees
  4. 5,169 rupees
  5. llama2.jpg " I shall not be beaten!"- Llama

  6. 10k
  7. Is it one S1 U3 E5 pick, or two?

  8. 23,000 numbers of money rupees
  9. And just to be sure.. this is diamond gear, correct?
    24,000 numbers of money roops
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.