[AUCTION] Fun Pack #1

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  1. ma first chest auction.png
    Starting bid: 700r
    Minimum Bid increment: 200r
    Auction End: 8 hours after last bid


    efficiency 2 diamond pick
    2 glowstone
    1 diamond block
    2 iron block
    2 magma cream
    16 redstone
    8 mossy cobble
    5 diamonds
    20 gold ore
    8 nether brick
    2 dispensers
    1 stack of sand
    16 glass
    16 blaze rods
    and 2 slime balls
  2. thanks for out bidding me! you can have it!
  3. If I do win, I wont not be able to collect the items till late tomorrow. Im on EST
  4. also to who ever wins you wont collect the items until tommorow... unless someone constantly bids on this
  5. matjam360 is in the lead with 2500r!!
  6. 4 hours and 8 mins left until matjam360 wins with a bid of 2500r
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.