[AUCTION] full set of voters gear!

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  1. Want to sport some voters gear but don't feel like taking the time to get your own? Well you can get a set now through this auction! :D

    my apologies if the images of the attributes towards each piece of gear does not show, i am a forums addict in the making :p if any problems let me know and i will edit this post to list all the attributes.

    Item: midevilmind's voters helmet, midevilmind's voters chest, midevilmind's voters legs, and midevilmind's voters boots
    Starting Bid: 150k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1k
    Auction Ending Time: 72 hours after last bid

    More information-please read: I am not auctioning off each piece of voters gear separately, only all 4 together. To prevent any future questions on why i would auction off such an unique item its because i have 5 accounts and i am in need of rupees for a huge project. so please no one comment asking why i am auctioning it off :)
    a little more info about the players armor: for all who do not know, midevilmind is my second alt account recently changed to datzminetoo. The voters tools are not involved in this auction but they will be auctioned off separately in the future so please keep a look out if interested.

  2. Please, do not do this. It's against forum rules
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  3. I was offered 400k for this armor please don't let me regret auctioning it :p bumpity bump bump
  4. I'm going 300k:)
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