[AUCTION] Full set of Projectile protection Diamond Armor

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  1. I have a full set of diamond armor with projectile protection (my luck was really bad that day :( ) and i want to sell it

    Diamond helmet: Projectile protection 4
    Diamond chest plate: Projectile protection 3
    Diamond leggings : Projectile protection 3
    Diamond boots: Projectile protection 4

    Minimal increase: 250r
    Starting price: 200r

    The auction has closed because it is in the wrong place not that it matters its only a post...

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  2. 1000r
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  3. TrueJob is in the lead with 1000r can i hear 1100r?
  4. TrueJob*
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  5. yes you do. 1100
  6. sorry i can change it now
  7. oidgod is now in the lead with 1100r can anyone give more
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  8. come on people i think you can do better than 1.1k
  9. Marketplace location fail...

    Also, I would consider bidding on this, because I do love me some fancy armor, but with the way you're inconsiderately bumping after every bid, I imagine that I'd want to pull my (or your) hair out before it was over...
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  10. ok if u don't want to bid fine but i thought it didn't class as a dump unless you days "dump" (and also i don't really know all of the stuff about auctions it is my 1st one)
  11. Invalid auction
  12. hows it an invalid auction
  13. Not in Community Auctions
  14. Ok fine what ever ill close the auction and iill restart it tomorro