[ AUCTION ] Full set of enchanted Diamond armor, read on for more details!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by mlooowe, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. Hello Empire Mincrafters, I am auctioning off a lovely full set of DIAMOND enchanted armor!
    Here are the details:

    Helmet has Aqua Affinity I and Blast Protection II
    Chestplate has Blast Protection I
    Leggings have Protection I
    Boots have Feather Falling I and Protection I

    The rules are:
    -Starting price is 2000r
    -Minimum bid increment is 174r
    -Auction ends 24hrs after LAST bid.
    -Note: I do not appreciate thread-hijackers.

    Thanks guys, and may the best man win!

  2. Bumpety-bump xD
    This is my first auction, too :)
  3. 2012-07-07_10.37.05.png 2012-07-07_10.37.03.png

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  4. Those are just the pictures to show I actually have this :)
  5. 2.174k
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  6. LOL, hayjam is now in the lead with 2.174k :)
  7. Missmad how so you do Auctions!
  8. Sorry, please rephrase? Or speak in English?

    (JKS XD)
  9. MissMadison910 how do you set up an Auctio?
  10. Arrange the items you'd like to sell.
    Create a new thread in the 'Community Auctions' category.
    Clearly label the thread with [ AUCTION ] to start.
    List details, like how many rupees to increase bids by,
    how many hours after last bid the auction ends and what you are selling! Also, the starting
    price, but bare in mind the starting price you label is re-bid by somebody.
    Also, good luck hayjam :)

    -Maddy :)
  11. Thank you so much
  12. Just as an update and a little *bump*, Nole972 is officially in the lead with 3K!
  13. Bam

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  14. I am out
  15. Yes, BAM indeed! migueldemesa is now in the lead with 4.5K !
  16. Adding two Potions of Strength II and three Potions of Swiftness!
  17. Are you going to add the enchanted pickaxe Mads?
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