[AUCTION] Full set of 60,000 members armor

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  1. ~ Auction is for one complete unused set of the 60k members celebration armor. Information of which can be found here.

    ~ Starting price 48000R (Price paid originally)

    ~ Bid increments: 2k

    ~ Ending time: 48 hours after last valid bid.

    ~ Pickup chest will be setup on utopia 5440 for the winner.

    And of course, Happy Bidding!!
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  2. 48k
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  3. Wanna split, I just want the shovel
  4. No thanks. But I do have another shovel that is slightly used I will sell you
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  5. Really. 51k
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  6. Technically both those bids we just posted were invalid you are in the lead with 50k
    52k though
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  7. Oh I didn't read the OP properly. So you're in the lead now?
  8. Haha thanks, I am tired and didn't notice that. SuperVal in lead with 54k :)
  9. You say that this auction is for the ARMOUR, but in the picture there is tools as well? Sorry to be a nuisance but is the tools actually included too?
  10. Yeap they are :) Thanks
  11. Would anyone split me the Big Daddy Helmet and the Cactus Pants? Need em to complete my collection so PM me if you have an offer!

    Thanks :D ~FDNY21
  12. Bump before I catch some zzzzzz's :D
  13. Just woke up to watch the formula one.

    Sorry BT, your bid should be 56k as min bid increments is 2k :)
  14. ok 56k
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  15. 60k
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  16. 62k
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.