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  1. Auction: Full Marlix set;

    1 Marlix helmet
    1 Marlix chest plate
    1 Marlix leggings
    1 Marlix boots
    1 Marlix Bow

    Starting bid: 50k (50,000r)
    Minimum bid increase: 1k
    Auction ends: 48hr after last valid bid

    Items can be previewed / picked up at /v 18353 on smp9. Items can be delivered to the winner upon request.

    Payment is expected within 48 hours of winning bidder anouncement.

    Access will be set up within 24 hours of receiving payment.
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  2. 50k
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  3. 60,000r
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  4. 79,000r
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  5. Birthday BUMP!
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  6. 80k
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  7. Still cheap!
  8. Just about 26 hours left to bid! Still going cheap at 80k. Anyone willing to out-bid MoeMacZap?

  9. You sir have won. Please pay & access shall be set up promptly.
  10. Cool! Just paid you :)
  11. Payment received. I'll set up access in a few hours when I get home from work. Or would you prefer me to just mail them?
  12. No hurries.....I can pick them up at your convenience.
  13. Access set up. When you arrive, turn around & go through the double doors behind you. Down the short corridor & through the other set of doors. Your chest it set up straight across the room.