[Auction] FULL Marlix Set + Bow!

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  1. Items: A full Marlix set (helmet, chest, leggings, and boots) plus one bow, all unused. :)
    Starting Bid: 125,000r
    Bid Increment: 1000r
    Auction Ending: 48 hours after last valid bid.
    Pickup at /v 12117 on SMP6 or I can mail the items.
    Items are available for viewing at the above mentioned res.

  2. Bad dramanya.
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  3. 170k

    yes i am :D
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  4. Dramanya currently has the highest bid with 170k, which is a steal for this full set of Marlix gear and Bow. Less than 24 hours remaining. Get your bids in now! :D
  5. 320k
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  6. Bump! With Dramanya's bid 0f 320k divided by 5 items, it's still a steal with each item being 64k! Keep those bids coming!
  7. Less than 24 hours remaining before Dramanya takes home this Full Marlix with the bid of 320k; still a steal! Get your bids in now before it's gone! :D
  8. Bump! Less than 15 hours remaining!