[ AUCTION ] Full diamond armour + more

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by guhenry3, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Starting bid: 5k
    Minimum Bid increment: 250r
    Auction End: 1 hours after last bid

    Diamond Helmet -- Projectile Protection 4
    Diamond Chest plate -- Fire Protection 3
    Diamond Leggings -- Fire Protection 2
    Diamond Boots -- Feather Falling 3

    Diamond Sword -- Bane of Arthropods 3
    Diamond Pickaxe -- Efficiency 2
    Diamond Pickaxe -- Efficiency 3

    10x 16 Ender Pearl
  2. is it diamond materials?
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  3. Lower the starting bid?
  4. Starting Bid: 3500r
  5. Sorry guys. The last bid was at 11:11am.
  6. Eh?
  7. It ended at 12:11PM.
  8. Please can you explain what you mean?

    I see no gap of 1 hour between any 2 bids, and the last bid was 33 minutes ago (as of now).

    And please, remember, the time is different in different places.
  9. I see you're in England. What time does the time stamp on my last bid show there? It says 11:11AM for me with the next one following at 02:56pm.
  10. I guess your timezone setting doesn't matter because all the posts are adjusted. Still it was well over an hour from what I see here.
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  11. I currently see this;

    3.5k - xI_LIKE_A_PIGx, Today at 3:55 PM Report
    4k - Nole972, Today at 4:09 PM Report
    5k - Pab10S, Today at 4:11 PM Report
    7k - Dragon_Bloom, Today at 7:55 PM Report
    8.5K - Mrlegitislegit, Today at 7:56 PM Report

    It is now 10:16PM here.

    So I think there was a gap of over 1 hour - I didn't notice that before. So I suppose, possibly you are saying that Pab10S won the auction?

    I wasn't saying you were wrong - just that I did not understand. Time-zones can be very confusing; I wish the website would use UTC for everything - which really is the only sensible approach for multinational systems.
  12. They probably are stored in UTC then adjusted using the setting in your profile preferences. Sorry for the confusion. I was leaving it up to the OP to post the winner and he never came back.
  13. Hm, tell you what'd be cool... if it could say like e.g.

    Ausername, Today at 3:46 PM (16:46 UTC)

    Anotheruser, 5 minutes ago (18:32 UTC)

    That'd be a solution, perhaps?

    *hopes Shaun/Aikar/etc is watching...*
  14. It seems like Pab10S has won for 5k

    Pab10S: 5k, Yesterday 11:11 AM
    Dragon_Bloom, Yesterday 2:55 PM
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