Auction: Full Diamond Armor and Weapon Set

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  1. Auction includes:

    diamond helmet: Projectile Protection IV
    diamond chestplate: Projectile Protection IV
    diamond leggins: Projectile Protection IV
    diamond boots: Projection Protection IV, Feather Falling IV

    bow: Flame I, Power IV (including 32 arrows)
    diamond sword: Smite V

    *Every single item in unused.

    Projectile Protection - protects against projectiles (arrows, ghast fireball)
    Feather Falling IV - reduces fall damage by 2 hearts
    Flame I - lights arrows with fire
    Power IV - shots are 2.25x stronger than normal shots
    Smite V - up to 10 hearts extra damage against zombies, zombie pigmen and skeletons.

    if you bid you bid on everything, you cannot bid on a single item.

    Starting bid: 5,500
    Increments: 200
    Buy-out price: 22k 15k
    Auction will end after 24 hours since last bid, the winner will have to take the items at my SMP4 lot.
  2. this auction is BIG
  3. Not sure if I can do it, but buy out price decreased to 15k
  4. Buy for 15k!
  5. Well done sk1llz0fapr0, nice bargain you got there. Cool that you were also highest bidder when buy it now price dropped (which I am not sure is allowed).
  6. Im redoing the auction with a bunch of other stuff! check my posts