[AUCTION] Full Chest of Unbreaking III Books

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by magazijnierk, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. chest unbreak III.png

    Auctioning 1 Full Chest of Unbreaking III Books

    Starting Bid: 30k - Raise per 100r or more
    Auction ends 5 hours after last valid bid
    Pay & Collect @ Debian85
    -> SMP6 res 12168
  2. Please only bump every 3 hours. The initial post counts as a bump.
  3. Forgot to mention that you have a even lower chance of getting a bid with a starting bid of 30k.
  4. yh yh thank you mister officer
  5. I guess I can put up 30
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  6. Didn't really expect to win, but I guess I did haha.

    Sending payment
  7. You, OP, and your 5 hour end times are killing me. I didn't even notice this, or I totally would have bid. Same thing last time, death bid, I didn't notice, come home and it's all over but the crying (by me) :(
  8. I'm down with splitting if you want :D Though it ends up unevenly.
  9. Oh, please! You can have the bigger share for actually noticing this :D
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  10. Ok cool. I have enough to give you some at my res on smp 5 if you wanna come now. I can pick these ones up later :D
  11. Love the wither mask look on you! Paid, and standing beside you :D
  12. Crazy1800, your name is on the chest :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.