[AUCTION] Full Chest of Goodies! Includes Enchanted Diamond Armor + Pick!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by mlooowe, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Everybody likes diamonds, huh?

    Well, today I am bringing you 'The Diamond Prize Pack!'

    Includes an Aqua Affinity I + Blast Protection II Helmet,
    Blast Protection I Chestplate, Protecrion I Leggings and Protection I
    and Feather Falling I Boots!

    Also, with 2 Potions of Strength II, 3 Potions Of Swiftness,
    an Unbreaking III Pickaxe, Protection I Iron Helmet, Leggings and Boots, Enchantment Table, Diamond Block, 64 Gold Nuggets, Music Disks 'Cat' and 'Blocks' and 2 Flint And Steel!

    Rupee Details:
    -Starting price is 5K.
    -Minimum bid increment is 170r.
    -Auction ends 48hrs after last bid.

    Thanks and good luck!

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  2. oh mad i wish i had 5k so i could buy it because its sounds so cool
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  3. Yeah Cody, it has to be the best deal I've ever done :)
    Just need someone to buy it xD
  4. Hey rainbow girl, just thought I'd bump your post so you can get some bids coming... this thread looks so lonely :(
  5. Y U BUMP MY THREAD?! lol jls, maybe next time don't :)
  6. I'll start it off with a 5k bid

  7. Yay, thanks!
    NurseKilljoy with a 5K bid, everyone!
  8. Now CreppaNinga235 is in the lead with 6K!
  9. Can I have the other gold nuggets you have?
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  10. Really, a beggar on a auction forum?
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  11. Once it gets past 15k its not worth it (for me anyways) PS: I'm not bidding so good luck everyone who is rich enough
  12. No Brandon!
    He's my brother :/ But he could have just asked me IRL ;D
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  13. Glassi13is in the lead with 10k
  14. Yes indeed, we have Glasi13 with 10K!
    Keep the bids coming, Glasi has 48hrs til they win!
  15. Le' Bumpah!
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