Auction!Fortune III Efficiency IV!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Iceraider14, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys I got a Fortune III Eff IV pick I wanted to Auction off
    starting bid: 3000r
    Minumim Bid increments: 100r
    I will not trade for items.
    It is unused.
    Auction Will close 24 hours after the last bid.

    Thankyou, and
    Happy bidding!

    PS.After the first one is sold.I might auction off another one.
  2. I would but I am too busy wasting rupees on blocks! I am a builder not a miner or a mob killer! LOL
  3. here goes nothing.... 3000r
  4. Highest Bidder TheTrufflehunter with 3k!
  5. 18 hrs until TheTruffleHunter wins!
  6. Wrong forum.
  7. 12 Hrs Still Truffle wins!
  8. 3 hrs till Truffle wins!
  9. You two seem related...
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  10. Hey look my twin!..Nvm he has a red shirt.
  11. arggggh! couldnt u just wait? :p 4100
  12. Truffle won at 3:40am today, Not 3:40 PM
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  13. Im pretty sure it starts again each bid Josh.
    24 hrs till inglipurr wins with 4.5k!
  14. well i certainly lost......:cool: <--------please click
  15. i should have won, but 5.6k
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.