Auction | Fortune III Efficiency IV Unbreaking III | Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. This is a re-auction.
    * Bidding will end 12 hours after the last bid.
    * You must collect the item from my lot - SMP2, 4007 - a chest will be set up for you.
    * Can ONLY be collected once payment has been received.
    * Non payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions. No, seriously.
    * There is a reserve price (7 000r) - you will not get the item for 2r.
    * Bid increments must be by at least 100r ( not 1r).
    * Rupees only!
  2. 10 anyone?
  3. I'll go 10K Alex.
  4. Must be well set to bid on two (that I've seen so far) high dollar auctions. :p
  5. Let's just say I'm comfortable. lol
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  6. OH well. Maybe in a week or 2 I can pay what one of these is worth since I can't keep any good xp spawners from being found and griefed. :D
  7. Bump*

    The trick is to keeping them far away :) Griefers are lazy.
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  8. You know you want it nightmare ;)
  9. Daily just rolled over, 15k
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