Auction: Fortune III Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Diamond Pick

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  1. Hmm...
    We'll see about this, ISMOOCH.
  2. I lost this exact pick last night... only used to 75%. :(
    Really need another one... and another looting 3 sword too... sucks.
    Anyway, I bid 22K

  3. I just don't want to [:mad:RAGE:mad:] and overbid. :(
  4. 23k
    i want this one next to my silk touch. sorry nurgles. =)
  5. LOL this might be a long auction. 25K
  6. I don't think I have EVER even has that much money in EMC counting EVERY RUPPE I ever have had. Only eps total about 19000 rupees.....
  7. eps?
    I have a lot of money lol...
    been saving up some.
  8. alright.. you got me nurgles.. my limit was 25 =)
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  9. about 1 hour left if anyone wants to outbid 25k...
  10. 17,500r

    Ow there was a page 2 .. I keep doing that lately..

  11. Sorry Qwertyip - your bid is over 12hours from the last:

    Nurgles: you win... again ;)

    You know the drill.
  12. Ah, Shame. Congrats Nurgles.
  13. Thx! I'll be by to pick it up tomorrow... Please hold it till then. :)
    As always nice doing business with ya! :)
  14. Same! Its in the normal place with access for you if it doesnt work blame Justin we'll sort something else out.
  15. Yeah, I stopped by quick just now but couldn't buy it... I will be back in again tonight. See ya then!
  16. Ill just give you access to the chest i trust youll pay me.