AUCTION: fortune 3 diamond pickaxe

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by EMC_AmazingRace, May 28, 2012.

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  1. auctioning off a fortune 3 unused diamond pickaxe starting bid 6k minimum bid increasement 250r auction closes 24 hourse after last person bids
  2. start price lowerd to 4k
  3. I don't know if 4k is the best starting price for a fortune III...
  4. what do u mean?
  5. I've seen Fortune III's sell outright at 1k. Granted, that may be an outlier, but I'm assuming that it is not for now.
  6. Fortune 3 comes like at level 40-50 and it's not something to start from 1k, 4k is good enough
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  7. I think you are true, but a good starting bid is most of the time lower than the price you want to have it for. So I think 2k is a good starting bid
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  8. actually i want to sell for 10k give or take but im not genna get that
  9. no one would bid if you put your starting price as 6k.... really...
  10. He has lowered it.
  11. guys im not doing this anymore k i got a good deal
  12. 4k is quit much really more people will bid if it was 2-3k
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