Auction: Fortune 3 Diamond Pick

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  1. Diamond Fortune 3 Pick for auction. Used 1 time on accident.
    Using the Same Auction rules as d1223m.

    Bids please. (There is a reserve price so no you wont win it if you bet 2r and no-one else bids...)

    Edit: I'm going to bed If you bid and no one bids after you for 12 hours you win. I don't care if someone come on at 12h and 1m and places a bid, cause after 12 hours of no bids after yours you win. Anyways good luck cya all later.

    * Voting will end after 12 hours of inactivity
    * You must collect the item from my lot - I will set up a chest for you

    * Non payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions
  2. Ill open bids with 750r :)
  3. My bid is 800r.
  4. 1,080r

    Be prepared, I know no bounds... :D
  5. 2,200!!!!
  6. 6,001r...?
  7. Oh, darn.
  8. This pick was way more usefull than the Eff. V one I sold - your all crazy :D
  9. I was going to bet 22,000r but then I didn't..
  10. so i can make a fortune off enchanted tools? move away people, IM GONNA KILL THEN ENDERDRAGON WHEN SMP5 COMES OUT!!!
  11. Then we'll kill it before you can log on. ;)
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  12. why you be so crazy, crazy?