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  1. Auctioning
    18 stacks of light blue stained glass
    9 stacks of mycelium
    27 stacks of grass blocks..
    starting bid: 4k
    minimum bid increasment: 10r
    Bid away Guys and Girls :D
    2014-08-22_20.31.55.png 2014-08-22_20.37.30.png 2014-08-22_20.37.30.png
  2. Invalid Auction.
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  3. ya, you can't do mixed auctions. Ill happily buy it from you though
  4. oh come on XD whatevr how much u wanna buy it for then ark_warrior1?
  5. and also how do u delete posts?
  6. ill report it for you and start a pm with me to discuss it further.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.