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  1. this is an auction for quite alot of things so prepare to pay a high price for them
    the auction is for :
    a crafting table
    10 redstone
    3 glowstone dust
    3 chicken spawn eggs
    63 feathers
    a book and quill
    a sticky piston
    36 netherwart
    64 cobblestone
    2 stacks of oak log
    3 emeralds
    2 diamonds
    10 gold ingots
    7 iron ingots
    2 bookshelfs
    3 empty bottles
    7 lily pads
    9 bones
    17 gunpowder
    a gold axe
    17 coal
    a saddle
    3 buckets
    64 torches
    2 stacks of smooth sandstone
    3 mossy stone brick
    an enderchest
    an 8 minute potion of strength
    20 blaze rods
    an iron sword
    a stick
    a villager egg
    33 oak leaves
    2 brick block

    when auction is over there is a chest at my res on smp9 where i will put a access sign for the person who won the bid

    auction ends the next time i view this thread whoever has the highest bid wins
    bids start at 3k
  2. you can bid now
  3. his is invalid, sorry
  4. eh invalid?why?what do u mean INVALID?
  5. It doesnt follow the rules..
    EDIT: You can edit to, which told me that its also in the wrong forum..
  6. what rules?
    i havent seen them
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.