Auction for enchanted iron sword

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  1. I am hosting an auction for an iron sword with:
    Sharpness: II
    Looting: I
    Fire Aspect: I

    The starting bid is 1000r
    Minimum bid: 250r
    My res to claim item is 5121 on Utopia
    Ends on the 18th of February at 3:30 ET(just making sure)
    Item is partially used
    Rupees only!!!
    My goal is to raise 99999999999rupees (okay im kidding of course, but its actually my goal is 5000 and up)

    Chest is too easy to cheat from, so at 4:00 ET on my res, I will be at the spawn where you will pay first then i throw the sword to you (assuming there is no one else around)

    Have a good auction: I shall look on this forum at 8:00 ET today, 5:30 and 9:30 tommorow and 2:30 the next day. :)